Alert! Many Big-Box Retailers Will Be Closed Thanksgiving

You may not be able to go Christmas shopping this year on Thanksgiving.

Many big-box retailers will be closed this Thanksgiving. My guess is this is due to labor shortages and supply chain issues and not the goodness of their hearts.

More on this from Yahoo:

Target was one of the first stores to issue a statement in January that its stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. The company closed their stores in 2020 to reduce crowds and make their customer’s shopping experience less stressful. Due to the positive response, they are carrying the same measure forward this year.

In June, Walmart also announced that all its store locations will be closed on the national holiday for the second year in a row. The purpose of the closure on Nov. 25 is to serve as a “thank you” to Walmart employees for their commitment and hard work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Buy, Costco and Dick’s Sporting Goods will also be closed. Check out the entire list over at Yahoo.

And have a great Thanksgiving!