For $500, You Can Own A Chicken Nugget Shaped Like Indiana

An Indiana man has stumbled upon a chicken nugget that is perfectly shaped like the Hoosier state, and he’s willing to sell it to you for $500.

It’s 2021, so everything is possible. As reported by WKDQ, owner David Cissell posted the deal on Facebook Marketplace. Yes, the nugget does look like Indiana. Unless you turn it the other way, and it looks just like Louisiana. Turn it 90 degrees, and it looks like Florida. This nugget has something for everyone. It’s amazing!

And don’t try to lowball him. As he says about the stately nugget, “I KNOW WHAT I GOT.”

At Eat! Drink! Smoke!, we can not recommend this as a solid investment. But, if you want to waste your money, we think this is a fantastic way to do it.