Goodbye, Coors Seltzer

When hard seltzer first hit the market, it felt like a fad that would eventually fade away like the ice and dry beer days of the 90s. But, sales continue to grow and it appears as though this ‘fad’ may have longer legs than I thought. Which makes it surprising to me that a major player in the hard seltzer market, Molson Coors, is throwing in the towel.


With hard seltzer sales soaring and new players entering the market regularly, speculationabounds as to how long the trend can continue. Now, in the heat of the summer, a major name is getting out of the game.

In a surprise statement, Molson Coors’s chief marketing officer, Michelle St. Jacques, and U.S. sales president, Kevin Doyle, reportedly told wholesalers that there would be no more deliveries of Coors Seltzer, according to BrewBound.

So, if you are a fan of Coors Seltzer, make a run to the store. It will not be around much longer.