Little Caesars Still Offering Hot-N-Ready Pizzas, Just Not For $5

It will now cost you a little more to grab a Hot-N-Ready pizza at Little Caesars.

More from CNN:

Not even Little Caesars is immune from price increases: The chain’s signature $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza now costs 11% more.

Little Caesars is selling a “new and improved” version of the recognizable pizza, which has 33% more pepperoni and a new price of $5.55 — its first price increase in nearly 25 years. The pizza first went on sale in 2001 and differentiated itself from competitors because it was made ready for take-out without the need to pre-order it.

We have been covering how inflation has hit prices at several retail and fast food chains, such as Dollar Tree, McDonald’s and Subway. So it should be no surprise that the $5 Hot-N-Ready will soon be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, there seems to be no relief to these inflationary pressures in sight.