Millions Of Girl Scout Cookies May Go To Waste

This news makes me want to weep. The pandemic has even made Girl Scout cookies more difficult to sell. So much so, that there are millions of boxes left unsold. Worse yet, many of them may never be sold.

From Inside Hook:

According to the Associated Press, the Girl Scouts have 15 million unsold boxes of cookies this year. The report states around 12 million of the 15 million surplus cookies never even left the bakery warehouses in Kentucky and Indiana. Meanwhile, another 3 million boxes are with local Girl Scout councils who are trying desperately to sell or donate the cookies, which have a shelf life of 12 months.

Millions of boxes never left the bakery — and because the Girl Scouts are worried that a sudden selloff of these cookies could diminish the importance of annual cookie sales, many of the boxes may go unsold.

In the meantime, if you want some cookies, find a Girl Scout. If you don’t know one, check out their website for cookies being sold near you.

Don’t let the cookies go to waste!

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