New Weight-loss Tool Designed To Keep Your Mouth Shut

The most proven weight-loss method is the “Put Down the Fork Diet.”

Follow me on this one. That method goes a little something like this… stop eating so much. There, I just made the complex, simple. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to pull off. Which is one of the reasons why I shop at the Big & Tall store.

I would rather take my chances being overweight than use a new tool that medical professionals in New Zealand have developed — a magnet system which clamps to your jaw, and essentially wires it shut.

From The Guardian:

The University of Otago tweeted that it was “a world-first” weight-loss device “to help fight the global obesity epidemic: an intra-oral device that restricts a person to a liquid diet.”

Called the DentalSlim Diet Control, the device allows its users to open their mouths only 2mm wide. Initially, it was trialled on seven otherwise healthy obese women from Dunedin in New Zealand for two weeks, who were given a low-calorie liquid diet.

An article published in the British Dental Journal reported that the group of women lost a mean amount of 6.36kg – about 5.1% of their body weight.

It looks like some sort of torture device. But on the plus side, I hear it is 5G compatible.

*Warning. Device is not 5G compatible.