PBR Created A 1776 Pack Of Beer

Independence Day weekend is fast approaching, which means Americans all over the country will be firing up their grills and enjoying some cold beer. But when you’re throwing a holiday party, sometimes a 24 pack of beer just isn’t enough. That’s where Pabst Blue Ribbon comes in, with their 1776 pack of beer.

From Yahoo.com:

While the brand is already known for their 99-pack of beer (remember that crazy-viral moment back in 2019??), the longtime favorite of backyard drinkers is now taking things one step further with their crazy 1,776-pack. Yes, you read that right. This one pack of beer has ONE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX BEERS. That’s a lot of beer in one pack, y’all!

So what’s the significance of that number? Well, allow me to give you a simple little history lesson! The brand is releasing the huge pack in honor of America’s Birthday, so the number is reflective of the year America first declared its independence. Simple enough, right? Right!

But if you want one of these 1776 packs, you’re out of luck. They only shipped them out to a few celebrities and businesses. For now, we will all just have to settle for the 99 pack — which at 7 feet long, seems small now.

Have a safe holiday weekend! Drink responsibly.