Technology Helps The Cigar Smoker, But Can’t Replace The Human Connection

There’s an app for everything, as anyone with a smartphone already knows. But do cigar apps make for a better smoking experience, or make a smoker more informed?

According to Tobacco Business, Plasencia is now introducing a cigar band that allows smokers to get immediate information on that stick. Working with tech company Legacy Secure, they will have a chip in the Alma Fuerte Sixto | Hexagon Colorado Claro that will provide smokers with loads of information on the cigar and the company.

In a statement by Nestor Andres Plasencia, CEO of Plasencia Cigars:

Our collaboration with Legacy Secure to bring forth this unique technology is another step in our constant evolution. We look forward to sharing our unique tobacco history with the public while giving them another platform to communicate with us.

Cigar Technology Is Good. Human Connection Is Better

Yes, QR codes and chip readers are practical and smart; instant information is always appreciated. But that information can’t substitute for the personal experience of an experienced tobacconist talking to you about your likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. Nor can listed information on your phone substitute for learning and growing your palette.

On the show, we are often asked for cigar recommendations for first time cigar smokers. And, honestly, it’s kind of impossible to make that recommendation. The only way to know what it is you like is to try the cigar. No piece of technology can truly explain what you might experience.

This technology is a smart play, and the betting person understands that most cigar manufacturers will offer something like this in the near future (whether in the cigar band or on the box itself.) But the industry needs to focus on the human connection and interaction that makes our industry (our lifestyle) so unique. Manufacturers should build their technology, and build out programs that educate and train shop owners across the globe.