There’s A Chicken Wing Shortage… There’s A Chicken Wing Shortage!!!

Not many things make me panic at the disco, but when you put the words “chicken wing” and “shortage” in the same sentence, I start to hyperventilate. Well, America is in the middle of a chicken wing shortage and it may last a while.

From CBS Minnesota:

A soaring demand for chicken wings has resulted in a wing shortage across the country. Some businesses have none in stock, which means they’ve had to take them off the menu…

According to the nation’s third largest poultry producer, Sanderson Farms, they don’t have enough supply to keep up with demand.

So, many bars and restaurants have pulled wings off their menu. There’s no word on how this has had an impact on wing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings and Hooters. It’s safe to expect that the price of wings will rise.

Let’s hope this all gets back to normal before National Chicken Wing Day on July 29th.

*Yes, there’s a National Chicken Wing Day.