Tony Makes Pitch To Make Eat! Drink! Smoke! McCormick’s ‘Director Of Taco Relations’

McCormick made a big splash on social media last week when it announced it is searching for a ‘Director of Taco Relations.’

It sounds like a sweet gig, with a sweet salary. More on this from Food and Wine:

But McCormick’s new “Director of Taco Relations” — though open to pretty much anybody — actually comes with some serious pay: $100,000 paid out at $25,000 per month. And if you want to hold this lofty title, applicants should be prepared to put in some real work. Despite what the spice company has hinted at, this job is about a lot more than just getting paid to eat tacos.

I brought this job to Tony’s attention last week on the show, and he made an impassioned pitch that Eat! Drink! Smoke! should be McCormick’s ‘Director of Taco Relations.’

The ball is in your court, McCormick. We are here to serve, much like you serve delicious seasoning to Americans everywhere…