Washington, D.C. Council Votes To Ban Flavored Tobacco

In another one size fits none attempt to regulate tobacco and vaping products, the Washington, D.C. Council passed a bill banning the sale of flavored tobacco.

From Halfwheel:

Bill 24-20 would ban the sale of flavored tobacco products, as well as flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products. It would also ban the sale and distribution of electronic smoking devices within a quarter-mile of a middle school or high school.

While there’s an exemption in the bill that would still allow for the sale of flavored hookah products, it would ban the sale of all flavored cigars in Washington, D.C.

Those caught purchasing flavored tobacco products could be subject to a fine of $25, while those businesses caught selling flavored tobacco products could face penalties of $10,000 per violation, a suspension of the tobacco sales license for the first and second violations, and a revocation of the license for a third or subsequent violation.

Politicians and bureaucrats often try to persuade the public that bills like this are necessary to protect the children. But as we have discussed many times on Eat! Drink! Smoke!, premium cigars are not marketed to children. No mom and pop cigar store will sell cigars to kids. Cigar lounges will not let children into their establishments.

Premium cigars are strictly for adults. And adults should be free to decide whether or not they want to smoke a flavored cigar without government interference.