Your Thanksgiving Dinner May Be More Expensive This Year

To the surprise of no-one who has gone grocery shopping in the last few months, it looks like you holiday meals this year will be a more expensive than years past.


Meanwhile, some estimates from the American Farm Bureau say poultry is up 10%. Other estimates say it’s as high as 20%. 

As a result, the overall tab for turkey and all the trimmings will be 4% to 5% more this year than a year ago. But, according to the Farm Bureau, in 2020, the cost of preparing the holiday feast came to just under $47 (for 10 people or less) — the lowest level since 2010.

Turkey prices are up. All of your sides will probably be more expensive as well. You can blame higher gas prices, supply chain issues, aluminium can shortages, labor shortages, COVID-19’s impact on poultry processing and the truck driver shortage for the price increases.

Happy holidays!