Glass Shortage May Lead To Bourbon Shortages And Higher Prices

We have been talking for months on Eat! Drink! Smoke! about all of these supply chain issues and how they are contributing to inflation. The latest bad news — a glass shortage may lead to higher prices for your favorite adult beverage.

From CNBC:

Some of the large distillers, even though they have multiyear contracts for millions of bottles, they’re finding in some instances that they have to pick and choose as to which bottle sizes they’re going to get,” Ozgo said. This could eventually lead to even tighter supplies of smaller-volume bottles down the line because the emphasis will likely go on the more popular sizes, the 750 milliliter and the 1.75 liter.

In the short term, some consumers may have to put in more effort to find their favorite booze.

With shortages comes higher prices. Something to keep in mind this holiday season.