Apparently Chuck E. Cheese Sells Its Pizza In The Frozen Food Section

I was in the frozen food section at my local Kroger grocery store when I came across this…

I had no idea that Chuck E. Cheese sold its pizza in grocery stores. Apparently, the product launch was earlier this year.

From Food and Wine:

Available exclusively at Kroger stores nationwide, Chuck E. Cheese pizzas will be sold in the frozen food aisle in two straightforward flavors: Cheese and Pepperoni. Produced through a licensing partnership with Flatlander Foods, the pizzas “are produced in the USA and follow USDA nutritional guidelines, are made with 100 percent mozzarella cheese, and offer an excellent source of calcium,” according to the brand.

Here is what will really make the kid you are buying this stuff for excited — the box comes with 250 free e-tickets. Think of all the plastic whistles and Smarties you can get for 250 tickets!!!

It has a suggested retail price of $6.99 and will be sold exclusively at Kroger grocery stores nationwide. At some point, I may do a review of this pizza. Or maybe we can all just guess how it tastes?