Costco Sells Vegan Cookie Dough. Because 2020 Isn’t Done.

We’re not the people who tell others how to live. Vegans have every right to choose not to eat any animal or animal by-products. But there is something so wholesome about chocolate chip cookies – and the beauty of chocolate chip cookie dough! – that the idea of vegan cookie dough is, well, odd.

As reported by Delish, Costco is now selling three pound tubs of vegan cookie dough. It’s egg and dairy free, so you can eat it raw without having to worry about any health issues. (Eating raw cookie dough is usually frowned upon because of the raw eggs. But, hey, it never stopped Rocky Balboa!) The dough, from Eat Pastry, sells for $5.99 a container.

Have you tried it? Will you try it? Let us know!