Taco Bell Wants Your Used Sauce Packets… No, Really

In a move that can only be described in my mind as gross, Taco Bell wants to help minimize its impact on the environment by encouraging its customers to send back their used taco sauce packets for them to recycle.

Seriously. More on this from KVOA.com.

The fast food chain is teaming up with recycling company TerraCycle for the new program.

Here’s how it works: customers collect their empty sauce packets, then you can recycle them by mailing the empties back to be refilled.

Taco Bell says its goal is to save eight billion pounds of used sauce packets from going into United States landfills every year.

The restaurant is working toward becoming a more sustainable brand.

I’ve seen people open these packets with their mouth, sometimes after dropping it on the floor of the restaurant. Yes, I know they will be able to sanitise them, but it still sounds gross. And how many people are really going to mail their used packets back to Taco Bell?

Will they really have a used taco sauce packet container in the house? And who mails things nowadays? And why is this starting to sound like a Seinfeld bit?

Hard pass.