The Bourbon Minute — Chris Stapleton Is Teaming Up With Buffalo Trace Distillery For Charity

Chris Stapleton is teaming up with Buffalo Trace Distillery to raise money for the ongoing relief efforts in Texas and Kentucky — and that’s the subject of today’s Bourbon Minute.

From Rolling Stone:

Stapleton is auctioning off five autographed bottles of Buffalo Trace’s special ‘Bottled in Bond Single Barrel’ edition, which was released in conjunction with the so-called “Bottled in Bond Day” on March 3. The commemorative edition E. H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel marks the 124th anniversary of Congress passing the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, which was the first piece of legislation that gave whiskey an indisputable mark of authenticity. (Up until then, people could pass off their spirits as “whiskey” and there was no way to authenticate their claims).